28 February 2006

bone yard

When Jimmy kissed me goodbye this morning, he whispered that we’d had snow. The temptation to peek was strong enough to get me out of my bed and the sight of him making footprints on the dawn snow was worth getting up for. I went straight back to bed, dozing off after a moment considering possible Dulux names: moonglow, coconut parfait, royal icing, marshmallow, faerie dust. When I finally got up for real, most of the neighbours’ cars had disappeared leaving a bone yard of tarmac dominoes. Almost enough to inspire poetry, but the mixed metaphors gave me heartburn.

27 February 2006

to blog or not to blog

In what amounts to another lifetime (mid-nineties), I regularly posted entries from my journal to my website. It was a passionate and far too personal outpouring but I doubt whether it had many readers. The tedium of daily ftp uploads became oppressive and I eventually put it aside. Current blog programs are much more user friendly. When I was working I didn’t have time for a blog but health issues forced me to give up the day job, so time is no longer the main issue. I will still be publishing the Fandango newsletter but this blog will allow me to go off on personal tangents that have little or nothing to do with Fandango’s publishing concerns. I can share my thoughts in one place so I don’t have to worry which friend to whom I have blathered on about the minutiae of my existence.

If I talk about writing, it will be personal observations and opinions from the perspective of my own writing and editing experience. I will certainly be sharing the exploits of my cockatiel, Poirot. I may talk about my dreams, share cooking recipes, report on various hobbies and rant about a few things that get on my wick.

I will be adding links to the blogs of my friends and other blogs I find interesting for one reason or another. Feel free to link this one and let me know if you want yours listed here.

23 February 2006

it's about time

It's about time,
It's about space

This is a test.