13 March 2008

The Cusp of Something hits Cornwall

Cold winds are not the only powerful force to hit Cornwall:

Elastic Press announces the Cornwall launch
of Jai Clare’s new collection of short stories,

The Cusp of Something

Jai Clare’s stories are filled with the disaffected, those who kick against their everyday lives, who crave the mystic when seeking their spirituality, and who are desperate to be alone as much as they are desperate to be with someone. Whether in North Africa, Greece, or Britain, her characters’ concerns remain the same. To find meaning in the universal and the personal, through transient sex or emotional depth. All told with a fluid intensity of prose that cuts to the heart of them, lays them bare to misfortune and fortune, and stands them waiting on the brink of discovery.

“Jai Clare is a courageously inventive writer whose short pieces are clever, ambitious, delightful and always surprising.” – Jim Crace, author of The Pesthouse

“Jai Clare has understood the secret of the short story: lyricism, brevity, consequentiality. She brings to her writing an easy and deep-reaching grasp of character and a lovely open eroticism. She is a serious writer whom we are lucky to have.” – Sebastian Barker, editor of London Magazine

When: 7 pm on Thursday, 20 March
Where: Waterstone’s Bookshop
11 – 12 Boscawen Street, Truro
Cost: £2, includes wine and light bites

Please book in advance on 01872 225765

Weaving Dreams

What a wonderful surprise to find a comment from one of my dearest friends currently riding high as DreamWoven. I will always be grateful to the artist formerly known as Rachelsent for introducing me to my husband nearly twelve years ago. No surprise at all to see that she is still weaving poetic with yarns and fabrics instead of words.

Her work, such as the recently sold creation above, is art of the highest order, but you don't have to embrace haute couture to revel in woven dreams. DreamWoven has created a wide range of funky and wonderful wearable art for the person who wants to make a unique statement. Check out DreamWoven's Etsy Shop.

10 March 2008

I'm back!

I can't believe how hard it was to reclaim this account from the Google gods, but here I am - there is no stopping me, now.