03 October 2013

Water, water, everywhere

Today is, according to The Poetry Society, National Poetry Day.
Water is the subject, inspired by the cry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Mariner: 'Water, water, everywhere'

Writing something new today isn't likely to happen so I have been rummaging through my shoeboxes for something appropriate to the theme. How about this group from 2002?:

swan song

treize cygnes sous la pluie que cygnifie-t-il?
est-elle une portent?
pas plus que cela.

no more than that.

il pleut.
ils chantent une chanson triste…
moi aussi.

time runs out and
the river runs
through it while I stop
to count swans.

© Carrie Berry
31 August 2002


swan song

thirteen swans in the rain
what is the cygnificance?
is it a portent?
no more than that

no more than that

it’s raining
they sing a sad song…
and so do I

time runs out
while the river runs through it
and I stop
to count

jealousy slips comfortably through my fingers
a worn satin binding on a blanket of insecurity
sometimes I think I’ll let it go
but winter is coming

© Carrie Berry
31 August 2002

things to count on a rainy day

unread books
unsung songs
unwritten words
unspoken thoughts

© Carrie Berry
31 August 2002