13 January 2007

tabula rasa

I’d been having trouble concentrating on words so for my birthday last June Jimmy bought me some watercolours. I was delighted with the gift and decided I would use them to hand paint my Christmas cards for 2006. I bought a nice set of blanks and set about finding the appropriate subject matter. As usual, I got sidetracked.

Just before Christmas I started receiving cards from my friends. I stared at my unopened cards and watercolours and sighed. The days passed and nothing seemed to break through my lassitude. On the 28th of December, I looked at one of the blank cards and realised it was the inspiration I had been looking for. I wrote this poem:

tabula rasa

format c:
not to look back


I copied the poem inside the blank cards and scraped up enough pennies to get them posted in time for a new year’s greeting. I wish I could have afforded to send one to each one of you.


Tom Saunders said...

I'll imagine those watercolours. Thanks.

Unknown said...


So good to find you...

Soemtimes inspiration comes when you least expect it...

But it always comes to those who listen..:>)


GC SMITH said...

Happy New Year C.

Unknown said...

I like the poem.

I also thought about sending out cards. That was two days worth of thinking. My conclusion is that as a Theocratic Anarchist I am free to send out cards, or not send out cards, any time for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

As they say, it is the thought that counts. I think of you.