15 May 2008

Fandango Virtual Press Release

GLASGOW, UK / 15 May 2008 – Jim Murdoch’s Living with the Truth Has Been Published by Fandango Virtual, an Independent Scottish Publisher

Fandango Virtual today announced the release of Jim Murdoch’s Living with the Truth, a cross-genre novel which portrays a worn-out bookseller's two-day encounter with the personification of truth. The author creates two vivid characters who play off each other like a pair of music hall comedians.

Jonathan Payne, a fiftyish bookseller, is sitting in his flat in the seaside town of Rigby when he hears the door. He would be quite content if it was the angel of death but instead he gets to spend two days in the company of the personification of truth. Truth takes Jonathan on a spiritual, intellectual and emotional journey through his life, past and present, providing him with many of the answers he might have sought, if he was the kind of person who went looking for answers, and a few of the answers he would never have wanted to know.

Living with the Truth – ISBN 978-0955063619, May 2008, £7.99, Publisher Fandango Virtual.

About Jim Murdoch

Murdoch is a native of Glasgow and brings the city into many of his works. He has written for most media including two plays, a collection of short stories, a large body of poetry and four novels, of which Living with the Truth is the first to be published by Fandango Virtual. Its sequel, Stranger than Fiction, will be released at the end of the year.

About Fandango Virtual

Since 1995 Fandango Virtual has provided quality poetry and fiction to international readers through several ezines and literary magazines, including Gator Springs Gazette and Bonfire.

Contact information

Publisher’s website: www.fvbooks.com
Publisher’s e-mail: fvbooks@ntlworld.com
Author’s website: www.jimmurdoch.co.uk


Unknown said...

lovely cover. looks great. very well done both

Carrie Berry said...

Thanks, sweetie. :)