29 June 2008

Bet you can't list just one

Had to jump in on Ken Armstrong's Movie Meme (I love lists almost as much as I love movies). The difficulty is in choosing only one for each category as my film addiction started at age four. My choices are among the first that came to mind, not necessarily the best for a particular category. I've stolen the last two questions from Jim Murdoch's post.

1) List one movie that made you laugh: Clerks

2) List one movie that made you cry:

Everything makes me cry. I cry when I listen to music, when I read books, when I peel onions. I am always getting handed a hanky (and sometimes they are clean). The one that made me cry most recently was Big Fish.

3) Name one movie you loved when you were a child:

Alice in Wonderland was the first film I saw in a theatre and it made a tremendous impression even though it took many more watchings to absorb all the subtext.

4) List one movie you've seen more than once:

I saw Georgy Girl 37 times the year I lived in New York (1966-7). It may have been because they served free coffee and donuts in the lobby. A girl has to eat.

5) One movie you loved, but were (in some company) embarrassed to admit it: Love Actually

This film could slot into a number of these categories. I expect to watch it a few more times.

6) One movie you hated: Caddyshack

This seems to be a 'guy' movie – all my peers at the time just loved it, but I thought it was stupid.

7) List one movie that scared you: The Ox-Bow Incident with Henry Fonda

I was reading the book for school so thought I would watch the film when it came on in the late hours. I was alone in the house and was afraid to go to sleep afterwards.

8) List one movie that bored you: Waterworld

Most of the earth's surface is covered in water. I get that. I don't need to have so many panoramic water views to drive the point home.

9) List one movie that made you happy: Truly, Madly, Deeply

10) List one movie that made you miserable: Dogville

But it was an excellent film. I will watch it again someday.

11) List one movie you thought would be great, but it so wasn’t:
Blue Velvet

12) List one movie you weren't brave enough to see: American Pie


13) List one movie character you've fallen in love with:

Dr. Robert Campbell (Sean Connery) in Medicine Man.

14) Name one pointless remake: The Longest Yard

Why would anyone want to mess with the perfection of the original prison football classic?

15) Name your favourite movie of all time:

Giuseppe Tornatore's Un pure formalité starring Gérard Depardieu and Roman Polanski. I saw the French version with English subtitles and the translation captured all the poetry of the original. Brilliant script, Ennio Morricone score, striking visuals and sound effects - a perfect experience.

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Rachel Fox said...

Hello wife!
Great list. I love the idea of you watching that film so often and living on doughnuts. I'm just not going to mention 'Love Actually'...but I loved 'Truly, madly, deeply'. Alan Rickman - what a guy!

Your the second person I've seen put 'Blue Nonsense' in the why-the-hype category and I'm with you on 'Dogville' too...that bit when she's in the house..well, you know the bit.

Will try and get your favourite film from lovefilm some time soon.

Carrie Berry said...

Actually, I lived on split dried yellow peas and peanut butter, but that is a story for another day.

Rickman. Ahhh.

Rachel Fox said...

It's his voice for me. The floppy hair and slightly rodenty face I can live without...Do women ever go for looks when it comes down to it?

Ken Armstrong said...

Clerks: Great. I listen to Kevin Smith's 'Smodcast' every week (downloadable free on itunes) It's very funny, highly, highly irreverent but with a curious moral grounding behind it all.

Big Fish: haven't seen - it's on the list, it is suitable for 12 year old?

Love Actually: It *is * good isn't it? Em... Rachel doesn't come here, does she? (looks up) oh no...

This film could slot into a number of these categories. I expect to watch it a few more times.

The Ox-Bow Incident: Tom Waits ofter references it, so that's good.

Truly, Madly, Deeply: Yes, very good.

Blue Velvet: I liked it but I think I was 'a bit up my own arse' at the time.

Medicine Man: Dear oh Dear... I liked whatsername, from the Sopranos and Goodfellas, she was in Ridley Scott's 'Someone to Watch over Me' as well.

Giuseppe Tornatore's Un pure formalité : Now *this* I will get - thanks for a valuable recommendation!

I prefer Jim's 'Connery' picture, more 'alluring'.

Rachel Fox said...

I see you Ken, I see you!

I tried to watch 'Clerks'...expected to love it but just couldn't get into it. Humour is just so tricky...you can't fake finding something funny! Same with another of his films 'Dogma' which was just so in need of editing..or rethinking...it was painful. But then I watched that film about how US movies get their certificates ('This film is not yet rated' by Kirkby Dick - excellent documentary by the way) and Kevin Smith talked a lot of sense...I think I like his ideas more than his finished films.

I'm a bit the same with the Coen Brothers. I want to like their films but a lot of them leave me cold. I liked 'Barton Fink' and 'Oh Brother' but I slept through 'Fargo'!

Wish I'd slept through you-know-what...what do you all like about it? Tell me please!

Ken Armstrong said...

Well... (Re: Love Actually):

I really like the human elements - Gregor Fisher and Bill Nighy-The-Pop-Star get together for the Christmas - Emma Thompson's quiet heartbreak and resilience in the face of her happy children, Alan Rickman's 'silly old fool' husband. Emmm... Keira Knightley ('bit cute, her).

I didn't love it all (actually) but I went to see it quite close to Christmas time when it first came out and I did enjoy it.

I think Curtis is quite a funny guy. Having said that, if he did 'Chocolate-Box-Ireland' in the way he does 'Chocolate-Box-Great-Britain' then I'm sure I'd detest it.

Rachel Fox said...

OK - Xmas and you're Irish...I'll let you off. And yes, Emma Thompson is great...her scenes were the only bits I could stomach. She is one of those actresses who really are magic on screen...plus she can write too.

Carrie Berry said...

Ken, Big Fish is rated PG-13 for some nudity as I recall. I doubt if a kid would appreciate some of the subtlety, but there are a lot of cool things in it, including a giant.

Sorry, Rachel - but I loved everything about Dogma. Clerks was amazing considering it was filmed using Kevin Smith's credit card with a $5k limit. I think a lot of the gags may require an American and/or perverse sense of humour to fully appreciate. And the Coen brothers are like licorice - you either like them or you don't.

As for Love Actually, it is what it is - a light-hearted romantic comedy that bounces quickly and beautifully from one miserable lot to the next. It makes a great holiday film when even depressives need to let go and feel uplifted. The only pairing I couldn't really buy was the young prime minister and his tea lady but there were still many great lines. My favourite 'couple' was Bill Nighy and Gregor Fisher. We seem to work "Ant and/or Dec" into the conversation at least once a month.

Steve sculpts critters said...

My old room mate in L.A. tried Caddyshack on me.

Carrie Berry said...

Hi, Steve. Thanks for dropping by - had a wee look at your blog - or your glob, to be more accurate. Love the sculptures! I will have to have a closer look soon.

Al Jazeerah English Edition said...

"The Player" great movie, great cameos.

"Hero" with Dustin Hoffman, somebody Garcia, Geena Davis. Great movie, it should be released in Black and White.

"Caddyshack" is hilarious, loosen your bullets and relax.

"Casino Royal" circa 1967, w/Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, David Niven and many more. Hilarious and expensive romp. Great art in costume and sets.

"Forbidden Zone" strangest 45 minutes you'll ever see. Great music (pre-forties stuff and Oingo Boingo music.)