06 April 2009

Remembering Poetry Month

A recent post at Maryanne Stahl's blog linked to a reading of Roethke's 'The Sloth' by an eleven year old American girl named Katherine Mechling. Definitely worth checking out along with the rest of the readings at the Favorite Poem Project.

I think I will ask Katherine to read one of my old poems which I have dusted off for a belated debut in honour of National Poetry Month:
the lummox

the lummox lurks
inside of you
and goes where
you must go

he can’t decide
to sit or stand
so ambles
to and fro

he doesn’t know
how he should act
or how to
wash his face

and always seems
to talk out loud
when you must
go a place

but he is quite
a gentle sort
and easy
to abide

as long as you
remember that
you have a
friend inside

Carrie Berry
21 August 1997
Since I have posted nothing at all since September of last year, we should probably toast the occasion. I am feeling positively inspired.

Is it possible I might actually come up with something new this month?


Unknown said...


Words have
fettered, bettered
befeathered me,
with sifting, drifting

In singular
they huff and puff
and rough me up.

Graded, jaded
belated thoughts
are spewed into
my mind.

While pacing, chasing
racing words
are never
far behind.

Gingerly, gently
tenderly, deftly
from pen
to paper now.

With nary, contrary
a moments waste
they find their way

(c) 9 February 1996

let the good times roll... so good to see you again C.

Carrie Berry said...

this skips so merrily along. good to see you, too, R.

Unknown said...

i am happy that i checked ur blog