03 October 2013

Water, water, everywhere

Today is, according to The Poetry Society, National Poetry Day.
Water is the subject, inspired by the cry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Mariner: 'Water, water, everywhere'

Writing something new today isn't likely to happen so I have been rummaging through my shoeboxes for something appropriate to the theme. How about this group from 2002?:

swan song

treize cygnes sous la pluie que cygnifie-t-il?
est-elle une portent?
pas plus que cela.

no more than that.

il pleut.
ils chantent une chanson triste…
moi aussi.

time runs out and
the river runs
through it while I stop
to count swans.

© Carrie Berry
31 August 2002


swan song

thirteen swans in the rain
what is the cygnificance?
is it a portent?
no more than that

no more than that

it’s raining
they sing a sad song…
and so do I

time runs out
while the river runs through it
and I stop
to count

jealousy slips comfortably through my fingers
a worn satin binding on a blanket of insecurity
sometimes I think I’ll let it go
but winter is coming

© Carrie Berry
31 August 2002

things to count on a rainy day

unread books
unsung songs
unwritten words
unspoken thoughts

© Carrie Berry
31 August 2002


vito pasquale said...

So nice to see something new here. So very nice.

Carrie Berry said...

Thanks, Vito - it is good to be posting. I won't jinx it by promising more, but you never know!

Elisabeth said...

Lovely poems, Carrie, and so poignant. I can feel the pain ripple through, alongside the beauty.

Unknown said...

No jinx ;-)

Carrie Berry said...

Thanks, Elisabeth. Funny how the poetry tends to ripple through on the pain.

GO, only the high ones for you. ;)

Art Durkee said...


The last one especially, which is very haiku-like in tone.

Carrie Berry said...

Thanks, Art, for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate your interest.

vito pasquale said...

You know. . . it's been a week and I'm sure there are some more wonderful gems in the shoebox. I'm not asking you to promise, mind you, just making sure you know that if you decided to promise more, I'd probably hold you to it. . .