13 March 2006

c:\echo on

The name of this blog is a subtle reference to my involvement with computers. Echo is a DOS command that defines whether or not the actions defined will be displayed onscreen as they are executed. Use of the ‘on’ parameter will result in each separate instruction showing on screen. If echo is used with the ‘off’ parameter, then the commands will be executed without being displayed to the user. C:\ represents my mind’s boot directory and echo on means that readers will get a glimpse at the process, even if they may never understand the reason for the journey.

I love learning things almost as much as I hate forgetting things. How well I feel has a definite correlation to the ratio of things learned to things forgotten. Things forgotten can more accurately described as things stored away in places I have forgotten. Now and then I stumble upon one of these dust-covered stores and am amazed at the volume of things that no longer have a useful place in this world/my mind. These discoveries are often nostalgic, sometimes sad, sometimes inspiring. In my physical space I am occasionally forced to rearrange things and engage in a clear out, an activity that will bring equal quantities of catharsis and frustration (you never know when a new use for these obsolete things will present itself).

Here is an interesting word: backronym

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