06 March 2006

Heil Hercule!

This is my cockatiel, B.B. (Birdy Birdy) Poirot, who is quite the vocalist. I sometimes tape his songs on a handheld recorder then transfer them to the computer while he and my husband share boy time in his office. If I try to do this when Jim isn’t around to distract him, Birdy sings back to his recorded voice and messes up the session. Last night, Jim decided to bring Poirot into my office while I was transferring the sounds. (Up until recently he wouldn’t come into my office unless he was in his cage. I must admit it can be a scary place at the best of times.) Surprisingly, Birdy was silent while the tape played out. He sat on the arm of my copyholder and looked all around the room for the other bird. I gathered from his posture, he felt he was still top bird since the other wasn’t showing himself.

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