06 June 2009

Bill Bailey - Dueling Sitars (actually sitar guitar and sarod) (Tinselworm)

The original video was removed for copyright reasons. This one is also from Bill Bailey's Tinselworm show - let's see how long it stays up.


Mark Cassidy said...

Dear Carrie

Shame Bill B wasn't happy to leave this in the public domain - I'm a big fan. You may (but probably don't) recall me from Bonfire when it was online; you were kind enough to post some of my stuff on Iguanaland. That really helped build my confidence.

Time waits etc. I gather - reading between the lines - health concerns have forced you to partially disengage. Trust you're battling on though. I've continued to write spasmodically, and lately established my own blog archive, where I've put a link to your personal website. Hope that's OK - let me know if not. I'm at


if you care to pass by. As a web veteran, any observations are most welcome.

All best, Mark

Carrie Berry said...

Yes, Mark, I have been 'partially disengaged' for a few years, but I am still plugging on a couple of levels at least! Good to hear from you. Will stop by your site soon.